wv2014showsFollowing major events in the last few years of our beloved theater’s journey it is clear to say that we are a community looking to the future while cherishing our roots.  It seems that all eyes, ears and calendars are attune to Season 50, just around the corner in 2015.  However, Jacques Stewart, Gibbs Murray and the artistic staff at the theater want to make sure that Season 49 is just as special and rich with outstanding shows as the 48 seasons that have led us to this point.  The team has worked to put together a season that is rich in offerings for audiences of all ages. 

One of the ideas that our audiences, alumni, actors, designers, musicians, stage managers and directors have agreed on in the past several is that we are filled with desires to continue being inventive and demanding more of ourselves.  From technical aspects like large sets and extreme make up routines to pushing the limit with our small band and the way we utilize those musicians, the theater staff is filled with people who are saying “yes we can” when it comes to what we are able to provide our audiences.  This season will surely put our staff to the test.  We are confident that we have selected a season of theater that will please our audiences and allow our staff and actors the opportunity to be proud of the work they present. 

As you look through our selections for this summer you will see one of the most classic musicals of all times.  You will see three of the most recently released musicals.  One, a beloved children’s tale, one, a Pulitzer Prize winner and one, a depiction of our country’s forward motion in racial tolerance.  You will see a comedy that promises to be a challenge for the four-person cast but without doubt will come as a huge payoff for our audiences.  You will see a Tony Award winning drama that focuses on the interplay between humans in today’s society.  And lastly, you will see a new Jacques Stewart revue that promises to bring the joviality of Harlem’s 20’s and 30’s music scene to life on the Weathervane Stage. 

As company members, we love hearing the stories and traditions of alumni from years past.  We enjoy knowing that we are entering a line of this great tradition which Tom Haas and Gibbs Murray created.  But nothing helps us to feel that bond of the Weathervane Theatre Alumni Association more than seeing you in Whitefield enjoying a show and introducing yourselves to us afterwards, chatting at Bat Haven with Gibbs or being a part of the annual alumni show.  We hope that you will join us in Whitefield this summer as we celebrate what how great it is to be 49 years old and look with anticipation towards our 50th year of great theater and memories in the North Country!

Colin Keating

Weathervane Music Director



Master Class PosterI was asked by Tim Breese (the then WVAA interim Pres.) a few months after the Alumni Show, to write a piece on my experience working on and performing in ‘Making Music - A Master Class With Tom Barthel’ for the WVAA newsletter. There was just so much to cover having been the first show I’d been so active in from its conceptualization to final product – and couldn’t believe that I could actually be back stage, side stage, on stage, lighting booth, props mistress, dresser, photographer, receptionist and party planner all at the same time (I tell ya, those mojitos at Chez Murray’s après show fete were all I lived for there for a while) that it all seemed too much to cover to simply take pen in hand and whip out a quick paragraph. And because along with all that much ado, came actor casualties the day before and day of the show, it took till now to dig in and just do it.

The following are combined notes co-written by Tom Barthel with a few adjustments/add-ins here and there by yours truly…..from Tom’s perspective of his experience of having the wonderful opportunity to be on stage, directing his own show, playing pieces he selected for singers whom he loves dearly. Can one ask for anything more??                        

WVAA Alumni Show, August 4, 2013MasterClass8

MUSIC – (Noun) Vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. (from Oxford English Dictionary)

Making Music/A Master Class with Tom Barthel: a public investigation into various lyrical art forms, onstage at the Weathervane Theatre, August 4, 2013.

  • We (WVAA Board, Kellee and I) decided to go into a classical art song forum, i.e. the “Master Class”, where a master/person of developed experience can share and extend the possibilities of the learner/one who is looking to grow in the material and situation. Being set before an audience gives the added risk, but good possibility that new discoveries will be made, new understandings gained.

  • But also, being Weathervane, we needed a broadness in the presentation: the Comden/Green numbers “Catch Our Act at the Met” and “Inspiration”, the set pieces from “Amadeus” and “Lend Me a Tenor”, the monologues from “The Matchmaker”, “Midsummer Night's Dream” and “Master Class” were all part of the Weathervane saga and archive, and helped me put perspective on the “classical” side – Isolde's Liebestod (as conceived by Franz Liszt) was infinitely richer due to Jacques Stewart's and Francis Kelly's preceding vocal warm-up and improvisation in the scene from “Lend Me a Tenor.”

  • Funny how times moves/stands still. Rick Farrar's “Ballade of Eldorado” was a still point in time, a magic moment from a charmed Weathervane Candide production of 1984...made me cry when I heard it. Royce McIntosh had been a Lost Boy in the Peter Pan of 1991, to hear his rich, resounding baritone roll out in Bob's Aria from Menotti's “The Old Maid and the Thief”, full of yearning and restlessness was a sheer revelation to me. And Lydian DeVere Yard, who I remember staging as a budding actress in the “Carousel” Waltz (1995), delivered a shining and courageous “Laurie's Aria” from Copland's “The Tender Land”, including beautiful high floating G at the end of the piece (Nellie Melba would be jealous...)

  • Kudos to all who risked and allowed the Weathervane audience watch them present repertoire far from what they had presented on the stage during their summer season(s): Georgina Chakos with curlers in her hair channeling her teacher in Verdi's “Brindisi” and then appearing in horns with sword for the Walküre “Ho-jo-to-ho”; And her son Konstantin who we renamed ‘Wunderkind’ working through his back stage nerves only to walk on stage, find his light and wow us all with such perfectly spoken German in a hauntingly gorgeous ‘Mack The Knife’; Tim Breese with a saddened, burnished and glorious Don Quixote to his Dulcinea in the Ravel “Chanson Romanesque”; Claudia Rose Golde singing operetta and delivering a wicked Pirate Jenny from Weill's “Threepenny Opera”; Jennifer Neuland delivering a full Ensemble number with Weill's “The Saga of Jenny”, complete with WVAA Intern choreography...not to mention their break-out Crossovers to “Carmen” - “Habernera”/“Toreador” couplet and the “Faust” Waltz. And it was thrilling to me to guide Interns Nic Casaula and Cheeyang Ng onstage, an Arie Antiche (“Il mio bel fuoco”) and John Duke's “I carry your heart”...(“I carry your heart with me/I carry it in my heart”) The interns came very well prepared thanks to the guidance of Guil Fisher who clearly has the gift for teaching and setting an example of professionalism. Nicole Lewis stepped in to present three Shakespearean monologues with a lovely timbre that suit those words so well. And I must say what a joy it was to accompany Kathleen Suss singing music she dearly loves; And the joyful energy Diane DiCroce Trenouth brings to the stage is so thrillingly infectious I chuckled every time I caught a glimpse of her (and we so missed Ron Trenouth’s comedic addition to the show – not even heavy narcotics could get him up and on stage - just means we’ll have to do a repeat of his scenes/songs next year); Thankfully those quick and witty comics, Jacques Stewart and Francis Kelly, stepped in to sub for Ron and learned lyrics and music overnight; And Jeff Zadroga’s heartfelt and very personal words about Adolph Green and Betty Comden’s lyrics leading him into the lovely Bernstein melody ‘A Quiet Girl’ from ‘Wonderful Town’ brought on a few tender tears.

  • The elongated list of gratitudes would turn this now novelette into a competitor of 'War and Peace', so I'll briefly thank all and forgive me for not expanding, as you know very well each one of you could be expanded upon! Jay Johnson, Stage Manager - we are forever grateful for your expertise and willingness to give of your time and talents. You went over and above the call of duty. And the Weathervane staff/crew who helped with props, costumes, lighting, assisted Jay, prepared the theatre, worked the box office, and so much more – what would we have done without you? (Meddings family included!) Lyn Winter, Managing Director – was responsible for pushing us all to get the word out, kept those press releases at a constant, encouraged our concept from the start and is stage/actual Mother of our cast member Royce McIntosh! Mary Jane Chase's door just never closes, nor does it lock! At least not that weekend! Thank you MJ, for having your gorgeous grand piano tuned just for the Maestro to tickle. Rehearsals at that piano were led not only by Tom, but Colin Keating and Paul Marszalkowski jumped in while Tom spent the night in the emergency room with his Mother in Warwick, NY. How's THAT for teamwork? Cindy Hathaway worked her usual magic putting the wonderful program together in record time; Rhonda Picou, while in the midst of stage managing a show in PA, got releases off to press; Taryn Herman was everywhere helping with anything anyone needed and was party monitor to boot! (along with Kathleen Suss). Debi Craig Soukup played multiple roles as concierge, innkeepress, housing coordinator and along with her husband Bob, housed Tom Barthel and Kellee Marsh in private quarters AND served breakfast, lunch, dinner AND kept the bar stocked!! However DO they do it?? Joanne Jacaruso was as generous as ever providing the venue for the Cabaret Saturday evening, kept the Inn open and available for any one and every one any time and all of the time and her kindness is never ending - and well, we love our Joanne; but then, so does everybody else. Foncie Darby graciously opened her home to 3 cast members as did Meyer and Ellen Koplow. And we thank the Board of Directors of the Weathervane Theater for their support and passion for what we do on the stage. The outpouring of generosity from everyone was beyond all expectations. Forgive me for leaving others out, it just really does take a village...
    Tom Barthel and Kellee Marsh in "The Page Turner" Skit
  • My special thanks to Rick Farrar – who had the show dumped in his lap on the Saturday, no idea of form or content and managed to make a magnificent piece of it by the time I arrived that evening...Tom Haas had always said that “Life comes first”, but Rick was one who kept the blaze under control and staged the show. And finally to Kellee Marsh, who had the vision and creative fire herself to make this afternoon performance happen – she convinced me (and I suspect all of you) to be a part of this “beauty of form, harmony and expression of emotion” and carried the torch from beginning of the Muse's inspiration to final prop returns on the evening...one of the Muses herself and a TERRIFIC Page-Turner!

  • Tanti baci, Tommy B.

P.S. A very special thanks to Peggy-Lou Craig, who as my personal Muse let me sleep in her bed...

*PSS: A hugely special thanks to Gibbs Murray for giving his heart and soul through the years to please the Muses, and ensuring that we can all honour the spirits of literature, art and dance each summer. A special blessing on him is sent by Corregatia, the spirit of cardboard! I love you Gibbs.

Molti baci e abbracci!, TB

(Just to let all know, Tom’s Mother has fully recovered and he is grateful for your kind words and prayers. He did leave in a hurry just after the show to be with her for another night. He then flew home to Zurich to start rehearsal the next day for the opening of the opera season which was Zimmerman’s DIE SOLDATEN. The day after, he conducted the first Opernstudio opera, Martinu’s ALEXANDRE BIS. Two weeks after the Alumni show he flew to Oslo as the official pianist/accompanist for the Queen Sonja International vocal competition.
Presently he is rehearsing the Opernhaus studio opera, Cimerosa’s MATRIMONIO SEGRETO which performs in April/May in Winterthur and then moves onto Zurich mainstage next October.
How’s that for a Maestro on the move!)

2013AlumFinalePhotos Courtesy of Mark Winter

I was asked to step in to be the Weathervane Alumni Association president at an interesting time. The memories of the old barn burning down and the controversial construction of a new wing of the theatre produced raw emotions which still smoldered in people's hearts and minds. Very often our attachment to The Weathervane Theatre is bound up in memories of past seasons and the way things were. When I entered a clean, spacious dressing room for the 2013 Alumni Show I have to admit I felt a little spoiled. Where was all the dust? There was such easy access to the stage! Aesthetics aside, it is a functional space for the actors.

We almost did not have an Alumni Gala last year. But thanks to Tom Barthel and Kellee Marsh and a host of talented alumni, a wonderful show was put together. It is amazing to me that out of a vacuum where there is nothing something very special can be created each and every year. Nevertheless as soon as the decision was made to go with Tom's idea, there were people who felt excluded! I admit that I am not the best suited to be the WVAA president, but I do recognize when a good idea comes along and I am willing to entrust to the vision of someone I respect as much as Tom Barthel. There were folks who thought a classical theme would never go over in Whitefield. I was willing to take that chance because I knew the breadth of talent the alumni possess.GeorgiTimKonstantinOne of the great joys of the Master Class gala was reuniting on stage with Georgina Chakos and her son Konstantin.
Go Europe! Go 1995 alums!

The show had unbelievable challenges in its final stages. Tom's mother became seriously ill on Friday and had to be taken to the hospital, so Rick Farrar volunteered to step in and block the show on Saturday albeit without a pianist for most of the day. The music staff from the theatre stepped in and went through whatever numbers needed to be touched on in the morning before they started their two show day. In some ways the traditions of the classical theater were to our benefit because the songs and arias which were being performed needed to be well rehearsed privately by the cast. Without Tom and his vision on hand it was a little like Fellini's 8 1/2 (or the musical Nine) with all of the characters arriving but without a script!

Fortunately Tom arrived Saturday night and Kellee and Rick got him up to speed on the work they had accomplished. We started going through the show first thing Sunday morning, and rehearsed right up until half hour and then started in on a three hour show!

I must say that I do feel vindicated in choosing this gala because it went off brilliantly and was very, very well received. Bravo to all involved for your preparation, artistry, and willingness to trust in yourselves even when faced with the unknown!

I would like also to mention that one of the reasons why we were so close to not having a gala last year is that the WVAA board had been pondering the question of whether or not to continue at all. The founding board members were starting to feel that it is time to pass the baton but were not finding the hands outstretched to take it.

That said, there has been a renewed energy and commitment by the WVAA board around the plans for Weathervane's 50th Year celebrations. We had a wonderful retreat around the topic and would love your input and ideas.

Now that I have happily returned to a more supporting role of producing the website and our new digital newsletters, I hope that you will take the time to re-engage with your friends online and consider what it would be like to create your own Alumni Gala Show. What do you dream of doing? Organizing events? Directing? Stage managing? Creating a script? Playing the music? Acting in your own skits and scenes? It is here in the WVAA for the asking!!

Happy 49th Season! And get ready Weathervane to move into your 50s!

MasterClassA Master Class with Tom Barthel, Photo Courtesy of Mark Winter

Sammy Dazzle

AND THE NOMINEES ARE… Congratulations to the Weathervane Theatre for the 2013 season! Six nominations for NH Theatre Awards including Best Production--Musical for ONCE ON THIS ISLAND, Jacques Stewart for best director, ANNIE GET YOUR GUN, Robert Koutras for best actor in ANNIE GET YOUR GUN, Claire Neumann for best actress in ANNIE GET YOUR GUN, Nicole Lewis for best supporting actress in ONCE ON THIS ISLAND and Jacques Stewart for best Choreographer for ONCE ON THIS ISLAND.


Banner Year: The first New York revivial of the Tony-winning musical Passion extended for a second and final time off-Broadway. The Classical Stage Company production, starring Melissa Errico, Ryan Silverman and Judy Kuhn (WV) and directed by John Doyle, opened on February 28 and was initially set to close on April 7 before extending through April 14.

Judy KuhnJudy KuhnScarcely a month earlier on June 4, Judy released her third solo album, All This Happiness. In conjunction with the release, Judy performed two sold-out shows at 54 Below on Monday June 10 and Wednesday June 12.Highlights from the album include Joni Mitchell's "Help Me," "Happiness" from PASSION, "In Buddy's Eyes" from FOLLIES, Tom Waits' "Temptation," Leonard Cohen's "Dance Me to the End of Love," and Laura Nyro's "Goodbye Joe." Judy then joined Danny Burstein, Anika Noni Rose, Raúl Esparza, and Peter Friedman and others in Marc Blitzstein's THE CRADLE WILL ROCK, the inaugural show of New York City Center's new Encores! Off-Center series which ran July 10 through July 13. The powerful political satire is set against the backdrop of a steel strike and peopled with fat-cat capitalists, brutal policemen, heroic union organizers, and a warm-hearted prostitute.

homefun1The Public Theater’s world-premiere musical, FUN HOME, based on the graphic memoir by Alison Bechdel, began previews Sept. 30 with actresses Beth Malone, Sydney Lucas, and Alexandra Socha as author-narrator Bechdel at various stages of her life. It also starred Michael Cerveris as her father, Bruce Bechdel, and Judy Kuhn as her mother, Helen Bechdel.FUN HOME dramatizes lesbian cartoonist Bechdel's coming-of-age and her relationship with her closeted gay father. Written by Jeanine Tesori and Lisa Kron and directed by Sam Gold, FUN HOME opened October 22 and was originally scheduled to close November 3 but was extended four times, continuing through January 12, 2014.

The original Off-Broadway cast album of FUN HOME which was released by PS Classics February 25, placed #2 on the Billboard Top Cast Album Chart in its first week of release.

Judy starred with John Glover in LOVE, NOEL: THE LETTERS AND SONGS OF NOEL COWARD, devised and written by Coward authority Barry Day, which was performed February 14 through 23 at the Wallis Annebrg Center for the Performing Arts, Lovelace Studio Theater. Beverly Hills, CA. Based on Day's book The Letters of Noël Coward, Love, Noël, an intimate nightclub entertainment, interweaves the music of Coward and witty letters between his famous friends across the years.

Sebastian Arcelus as Lucas Goodwin in HOUSE OF CARDSSebastian Arcelus as Lucas Goodwin in HOUSE OF CARDSTHE BEST OF ME: Sebastian Arcelus (WV) and Gerald McRaney have been cast in the film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' "The Best of Me." Directed by Michael Hoffman, "The Best of Me" tells the story of Dawson and Amanda, two former high school sweethearts who find themselves reunited at a friend's funeral after 20 years apart. Arcelus will play Frank, Amanda's husband and father of her children.

A Time To KillA Time To KillSebastian can also currently be seen as Lucas Goodwin in the first two seasons of the
Emmy nominated NETFLIX original series, HOUSE OF CARDS. Kevin Spacey stars as Majority House Whip Francis Underwood, who works with his equally conniving wife (Robin Wright) to exact revenge on the people who betrayed him in this Americanized recreation of the BBC series of the same name.

AND Sebastian played Jake Brigance in the Broadway production of A TIME TO KILL, John Grisham’s best-selling thriller, adapted for stage by Rupert Holmes. The production began previews on September 28, opened October 20and closed November 17, 2013 JOHN GOLDEN 252 West 45nd St , NY, NY.

gibbsandkevinOn January 18, Weathervane Theater founder Gibbs Murray made a surprise visit to the stage door for a photo with Kevin Smith Kirkwood.STILL KINKY: KINKY BOOTS, the musical made its Broadway debut at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre on April 4, 2013 following previews that began on March 3, 2013. The production earned a season-high 13 nominations and 6 Tony wins, including Best Musical and Best Score for Cyndi Lauper in her first outing as a Broadway songwriter, making her the first woman to win alone in that category. The musical's cast album was released on May 28, 2013. It premiered at number one on the Billboard Cast Albums Chart and number fifty-one on the Billboard 200 chart, making it the highest charting Broadway cast recording since The Book of Mormon's album was released two years earlier. Kevin Smith Kirkwood (WV), a member of the original cast and understudy to Billy Porter’s Lola continues in the run, now joined by Stephen Tewksbury (WV).

Photo: On January 18, Weathervane Theater founder Gibbs Murray made a surprise visit to the stage door for a photo with Kevin Smith Kirkwood.


A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE SOVIET UNION--in this comedy, four actors play over twenty characters to tell the history of the world's largest country -- and in only 100 minutes! The production was presented by The Hive Theatre Company, Alan Winner (WV) artistic director, with set design by Mandie DeMeskey (WV) and directed by Jacques Stewart (WV), at the Dorothy Strelsin Theatre, 312 West 36th St. January 16 through February 1, 2014.

Tales from inside the travel industry were on display in Andy Sandberg and Greg Edwards' CRAVING FOR TRAVEL which had its world premiere January 22-February 9, 2014 at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater at Playwrights Horizons, 416 W. 42nd St., New York, NY. The comedy about two rival travel agents dealing with dozens of difficult clients is a two-person game of travel-agent ping-pong, where 30 thomsesma1Thom Sesma and Michele Ragusa in CRAVING FOR TRAVEL. Photo: Joan Marcus.characters are played by two actors. The NY production featured Michele Ragusa and Thom Sesma (WV).


TITANIC in Concert: Seventeen years after its Broadway premiere, Maury Yeston and Peter Stone's Tony-winning musical Titanic returned to the stage in a one-night only concert February 17, 2014 at Avery Fisher Hall. For a second year, the Chamber Choir from Baker High School in Baldwinsville, NY, under the direction of Weathervane Music Director, Colin Keating, was invited to take part. In 2013 the choirs sang in a 200 voice choir for a production of Ahrens and Flaherty's RAGTIME starring Patina Miller, Lea Salonga, Norm Lewis and Tyne Dailey. In 2014 the choir was invited to return and be a part of the 200 member choir for TITANIC. The production featured most of the Original Broadway Cast including Michael Cerveris, Brian d'Arcy James, Martin Moran, David Garrison, and Becky Ann Baker, reunited for this special one-night-only performance under the baton of the show's original Music Director and Conductor, Kevin Stites. Keating's 25 voice choir spent a long weekend in New York City working with Kevin Stites and director Don Stephenson (originally cast as Charles Clark in the 1997 Broadway cast). Keating worked for several months leading up to the event to prepare his 25 voice choir and was able to perform in the ensemble alongside his students for the sold out performance on Monday February 17th.lonelyheart

TCHAIKOVSKY: NONE BUT THE LONELY HEART: Simon Fortin (WV) played the great Russian composer Tschaikovsky. Through a strange relationship that lasted fourteen years and was conducted exclusively through letters, Tchaikovsky and his patroness Nadezhda von Meck were united through the invincible power of a disembodied love in which they both found refuge–the theatrical concert featured Tchaikovsky’s Piano Trio in A minor and some of his most moving songs. March 5 – 9, 2014 at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music).

thepavillion1THE PAVILION by Craig Wright was directed by Terry Hempleman (WV) for the Yellow Tree Theatre. The production ran February 7 through March 2, 2014. “This is a gem of a play that is going to get a serious production. I'm going up there and having a ball. It's something great, and I'm thrilled to be part of it," Hempleman said. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and hailed as a “modern-day OUR TOWN,” the play is at once comedic, philosophic, poetic and intensely beautiful.Yellow Tree Theatre, 320 Fifth Ave. SE, Osseo, MN.


THE LAST SHIP, the new musical featuring a score by Grammy Award-winning musician Sting, will premiere in Chicago in June 2014 prior to a Broadway arrival the following fall. A tale of love and labor strife in an English shipbuilding town, will begin previews on Sept. 30 at the Neil Simon Theater, with opening night set for Oct. 26. Joe Mantello (“Wicked”) direct, the cast includes Cullen Titmas (WV) and Colby Foytik (WV). A concert staging of the musical that was performed at the Public Theater last year was broadcast on the PBS series “Great Performances” on Feb. 21.

THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT: Dynamic duo Rhonda Picou, PSM (WV) and Arthur Atkinson, ASM (WV) re-united as a stage management team for The Keen Company's revival of Middle Of The Night by Paddy Chayefsky, starring Jonathan Hadary and Nicole Lowrance, and directed by Keen Artistic Director Jonathan Silverstein. The limited engagement ran February 27-- March 29th at The Clurman Theatre at Theatre Row (410 West 42nd Street).

elizabethstanleyElizabeth StanleyIT’S A HELLUVA TOWN: The Barrington Stage Company kicked off its 2013-14 season with the Bernstein-Comden-Green musical ON THE TOWN. The cast included Michael Rupert, Nancy Opel, and Elizabeth Stanley (WV) as Claire De Loon, the role originated by Betty Comden, and Gordon Stanley (WV). Directed by Tony Award winner John Rando (Urinetown) and choreographed by Emmy Award winner Joshua Bergasse (“Smash”), with music direction by Darren R. Cohen, the show was presented The Boyd-Quinson Mainstage , 30 Union Street in Pittsfield, MA.

CHANSONS: An evening of Jaques Brel’s music was performed at Don't Tell Mama on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at 7 PM. The special one-night performance entitled SONGS BY BREL featured a cast that included Guil Fisher (WV), Tedi Marsh, Michael West and Kristen Mengelkoch with Mark Galinovsky on piano. The sold out performance was directed by Tom D’Angora (WV).

carolekingmusicalCarly Hughes, Alysha Deslorieux, Rashidra Lennell, and Ashley Blanchet(WV) as The Shirelles in BEAUTIFUL—THE CAROLE KING MUSICALDREAM WITH ME: Michael Scott Ferris (WV) made his NYC cabaret debut inYESTERDAYDREAM at Don't Tell Mama on April 10th. The show, based on Ferris' debut CD, is comprised of standards from bygone eras which Michael has spent a lot of time "yesterdaydreaming" about: "my own made-up word for waxing nostalgic about a time I wish I'd lived in, but never did!" The cabaret, a collaboration with long-time friend and music director Lisa Brigantino, reveals Michael's passion for the songs of the 30's and 40's, as well as for his love of travel...both around the world, and back in time.

Ashley Blanchet (WV) is currently in the Broadway company of BEAUTIFUL—THE CAROLE KING MUSICAL.

AMERICA SINGING: Scott McGowan (WV) appeared in a limited run of the musical WORKING for The Women’s Theater Company at Parsippany Playhouse in Parsippany, NJ. March 7 – March 23, 2014.

MAMA’S GOOD TO YOU: The return engagement of MAMA AND HER BOYS, created by Ethan Paulini (WV), Christopher Sidoli and Wendy Watson, has extended its New York run through April 23, 2014 at Sophies at Broadway (318 W. 53rd Street between 8th and 9th Avenues). Directed and choreographed by Paulini, the current cast includes Erik Keiser, Sarah Kleeman (WV) and Steven Boyd Baker. This is the second Off-Broadway engagement following last year's run that began Feb. 18, 2013. MAMA AND HER BOYS premiered in January 2011.

SONDHEIM SONGS: Dani Stoller and Lou Steele (WV) appeared in MARRY ME A LITTLE, the musical journey through the passionate fantasies of two urban singles who find themselves alone in their separate apartments on a Saturday night. October 4th through October 27, 2013 for the Creative Cauldron at ArtSpace Falls Church, Virginia.

electricbabySteven Skybell and Lizbeth MacKay in THE ELECTRIC BABY at the Two River Theater Company.

 THE ELECTRIC BABY: Lizbeth Mackay (WV) appeared as Helen, the wife of Reed, an outwardly “bland” older couple whose marriage has reached an emotional divide in the play by Stefanie Zadravec. Directed by May Adrales, and produced by the Two River Theater Company Red Bank, NJ, the production ran April 6 – May 5, 2012.





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