Last summer I was given an incredible opportunity. I was hired to return to the Weathervane stage as an actor. It had been a mere 22 years since I had called The Spruces my home...and honestly, something I had never expected to do again!

When Jacques asked if I would be interested in the “OLDER WOMAN #5” track I was elated & shocked! I was amazed at the support that I was given to make the dream a reality. My husband agreed to hold down the fort & my teachers agreed to cover my classes, I packed the car & headed north to God’s country with Ava, the youngest of my 3 children & Bennett, the oldest of my 2 dogs.

Moving into the Spruces as a “grown up” was...interesting. Walking into the dining room that first Sunday night, with all of the interns sitting around the ping pong/dining room table talking & singing through the entire scores of “Les Mis”, “Shrek” and the Patchwork show, at the same, was a reality check. I had once again entered the Land Of Weathervane. A land unlike any other. My senses were remembering...I thought, “Here I am, once again” I was in my own kind of Heaven.

Rehearsing was thrilling. Learning all of the shows, especially “Funny Money” was grueling. The experience of performing on the Weathervane stage again, priceless.

But, gets even better! My youngest, Ava, went to the community auditions at the Grange. She was hoping to be in “Les Mis” and maybe even “Shrek”. A star was born on that breezy July day. Ava played Gavroche AND Young Cosette! She was also Little Shrek for a few performances. She was amazing, if I do say so myself! She had the summer of a lifetime at the age of 8!

The love that I have always had for our incredible theater in the mountains is now stronger than ever! The loyalty, support & excitement that the audience & the theater community share with the actors & crew is a rare & beautiful thing. The time that I was able to spend with Gibbs was just perfect. The new friends & the old friendships that were reignited, perfect too.

Thank you Jacques & Colin & the Weathervane gods for giving this old gal a chance to perform again...and to perform with my child as well. Thank you for reminding me about who I am and what I truly love. It’s NEVER too late!

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