NOTE: NHTA: New Hampshire Theatre Awards in Manchester NH  @ Palace Theatre 2/6/2009 gave awards in plays/musicals to professionally designated theatres and community theatres; nominations were selected from all (professional) theatres : each of whom had to select 2 productions-- pre-production, to be be reviewed.  Weathervane selected (in June 2008) VIOLET and RENT.  Both productions went into rehearsal in August 2008.

Managing Director Lyn Winter attended/presented awards the at Palace Theatre Friday night, and endured every amateur NH theatre group reprising their 'finest' moments.  Let me first say that I'm delighted that Lyn's presence was shared by Kit Carter, WV Board att'y and the Carter family, John and Jean Wissler, WV Board members,patrons.  It is significant that the judges of the NHTA commission(?) identified and awarded Weathervane Theatre's RENT the Best Musical production in New Hampshire in 2008 and Jacques Stewart as the Best Director (RENT).  As a measure of Weathervane's artistry, one only need to have seen Kevin Smith Kirkwood's (award-winning) performance as Angel in that production.

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Longtime Weathervane board member and Best Friend of the WVAA, Mary Jane Chase, was the recipient of the very first Drummer Boy Award this summer.  In an informal ceremony following the Alumni Show, Gibbs Murray and Jacques Stewart presented MJ with the award, in honor of her many years of dedicated service to the theatre.

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Sounds Good to Me- WVAA Helpts Weathervane Acoustic Project

Soom after the completion of the new Weathervane Theatre barn in 2002, it became clear that the acoustics and sound quality of the facility were in need of 'tuning.' In early 2007, the WVAA did some research and identified a Theatre/Acoustic Consultant, Jim Read, who was a student of the late George C. Izenour, an internationally recognized authority in the fields of theatre design, engineering, and acoustics. The WVAA Board voted to fund both Jim's initial visit to evaluate the Weathervane barn to make calculations, and his subsequent design plan to improve the acoustics of the new theatre.

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wv08_portnersfarewellIn 1968, Tom Haas, founding father and artistic director of the Weathervane Theatre, introduced me to a young couple from Minnesota who were teaching assistants at Emerson College in Boston where Tom was a professor in the Theatre department.  Tom felt strongly that Richard and Terry Portner would be the perfect compliment to our fledgling summer theatre (ad) venture.  Both had strong theatre backgrounds and had done The Pajama Game on a USO tour in Germany; Terry played Babe and Richard was Heinzie—and production coordinator for the tour.  Both had served in similar capacities at Deertrees, Emerson's summer theatre in Maine.

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